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***xx:xy comp 17.3 (ac)“A real discovery. Two thumbs up.”

– Roger Ebert

“One of the most undervalued Sundance debuts of the past decade.” 

– Newsday

“Sad, funny, and extremely assured.”

  – Nick Roddick, Preview

“Ruffalo and Stange come alive with vibrant, open-hearted performances.” 

 – Todd McCarthy, Variety

“Sharply funny, impressively accomplished debut.” 

  – What’s On

“Heartening to realize that the American Indie Scene can still cut it.” 

  – Time Out London

“The honesty exposed is revelatory.” 

  – USA Today

“Sly, insightful and sourly funny. One of the best American independent films of the year.”

– Nigel Andrews, London Financial Time

“The cast radiates integrity and intelligence, none more so than a superb Ruffalo…. A-”

– Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

“Wincingly funny. Chick elicits spectacularly fine performances across the board. Ruffalo continues to be one of the most intriguing actors of his generation.”   

– Jan Stuart, Newsday